Rubber Tipping for Healthy Gums

periodontal chart Ridgewood NJRubber tipping, a method of introducing oxygen to your gums to fight difficult bacteria, as well as clearing out plaque and excess food debris from under your gums, is a new method of keeping gums healthy. There is good evidence that the bacteria that hide out in gums pockets, the space between your teeth and your gums, can be destroyed with the introduction of oxygen. You can find rubber tips at the end of some toothbrushes, or as an individual tool at your local drugstore.

How it Works:

Using a rubber tip and massaging your gums increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your gums. Oral bacteria are “anaerobic”, meaning they cannot survive in the presence of oxygen, so by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the gums, oral bacteria die off.

Benefits of Rubber Tipping:

  1. While brushing and flossing also help to bring oxygen to the gums, rubber tipping brings it a step further by stimulating blood flow.
  2. Rubber tipping helps to prevent periodontal disease by keeping your gums clean – free of plaque and food debris – and by stimulating blood flow to the area.

rubber tip dental care

How to Massage Your Gums With a Rubber Tip:

  1. After thoroughly brushing and flossing your teeth, massaging your gums is the third step to keeping your smile clean and healthy.
  2. Using the rubber tip tool at a 45-degree angle, gently massage your gum line for 10-15 seconds for each tooth.
  3. If you experience bleeding gums at any point in this process, give us a call.
  4. General soreness is to be expected up to three weeks after starting rubber tipping. While this may seem like another tedious way to clean your gums, this simple technique can be carried out while watching TV, reading, etc. and before you know it you will have amazing gums!
  5. If you have any further questions about how to use a rubber tip, or why we recommend it, please contact Ridgewood Periodontal & Implant Associates to schedule an appointment or give us a call at Ridgewood Periodontal & Implant Associates Office Phone Number 201-447-0855.
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