LANAP treatment FAQs

What does LANAP stand for?

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is a minimally-invasive, modern treatment for gum disease. Gum disease, also known as “periodontitis,” is a very serious gum infection that can cause damage and loss of soft tissue, bone and, eventually, your teeth. Most patients with mild to moderate periodontitis are good candidates for LANAP treatment.

Is LANAP better than other periodontal disease treatments?

Traditional methods for treating periodontitis require the cutting of the gums in order to reach the infection. By contrast, LANAP involves no incisions, which lessens pain and healing time. It is a much more comfortable procedure.

How long does LANAP take?

For most patients, 2 sessions of 1-2 hours each is all that is needed to return the gums to good health. With careful care at home and regular professional cleanings, your gums can remain healthy for life.

Does LANAP require multiple sessions?

Most patients need 2 treatments, however some with extensive gum damage may require additional sessions. We will develop a comprehensive treatment plan with you during your consultation.

Does LANAP hurt?

Because we don’t have to “cut and sew” the gums, the procedure is much more comfortable than traditional surgery. You will be kept comfortable during the procedure, and any post-op soreness is usually controlled adequately with over-the-counter pain medications.

When can you eat after LANAP?

You can start with a soft diet as soon as you feel comfortable, and add back harder foods after a few days.

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