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Dr. Dan Barabas is the director of Premier Practice Seminars, an affiliate club of the Seattle Study Club. The focus of the club is on Total Case Management and Treatment Planning, with an emphasis on hygiene and periodontal treatment. The goal is to increase the quality of dentistry within the community through group learning.

We seek people who want to improve their personal practices and skills so as not to remain stagnant. As we settle into the 21st century, technological advances continue to shape a challenging and innovative future for the dental health care profession. How can the demands of this rapidly changing field be met? What skills and knowledge will be necessary to move comfortably into the future? How can all aspects of dentistry, whether periodontics, oral surgery or endodontics, be incorporated into one’s practice, thereby “Bridging the Disciplines?” The answers to these questions are crucial to comprehension of the role continuing education will play in the future of our profession.

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Frank Celenza, DDS

Ortho- Perio In the Digital Age

Wednesday, January 11, 2023
413 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park NJ 07432
4 CE- Live In person Speaker
Dinner and drinks will be served
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Certain orthodontic movements are utilized for their beneficial impact upon the periodontium. These movements include forced eruption, molar uprighting,
embrasure management, root torqueing, and implant interactions. Historically, these movements were accomplished primarily by employing fixed appliance
mechanotherapy. However, the advent and development of aligner therapy has developed to a level of sophistication that now allows these movements to be
accomplished utilizing removable aligner techniques. This presentation will delineate the philosophy behind these movements, the periodontal benefit, and
display clinical cases that illustrate these methods.
Dr. Celenza is unique in his qualifications in that he is a dual-certified specialist and is active in both the practice and teaching of periodontics and orthodontics. He
has authored numerous publications in dental literature; his pioneering work regarding the use of implants in conjunction with orthodontics is groundbreaking
and has been extensively published. He has been involved in postgraduate teaching for over 20 years, is a recognized speaker nationally and internationally, and
maintains a private practice in Manhattan.

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