Our Mission Statement

Periodontists Paul Barabas and Daniel Barabas will make every effort to save your natural teeth. Very few teeth should be lost due to periodontal disease. Teeth are sadly often lost to trauma, caries, failed root canal therapy. They are also sadly lost to poor previous dentistry. We view it as our mission to retain the natural dentition as long as prudent. 

While we are experts in single to full mouth implant therapy, this is an extremely costly way of replacing teeth, and implants are far from perfect replacements for your own, natural teeth. The bone around implants is also prone to breakdown(peri-implantitis), and this can be treated in a very minimally invasive  method.

If you are unhappy with your dental implant(s), there may also be a good treatment in our office for you to reduce the inflammation and regenerate some of the bone. 

If you do not have a general dentist, that is not a problem. No referral is needed to come as a new patient. However, we also do not perform restorations(fillings), root canals or crowns/bridges in our practice.  

Our goal is to stabilize your mouth from an inflammatory standpoint. At this point, should the need for other dental treatment(like crowns or fillings or root canals) we have a referral network of trusted, quality general dentists, prosthodontists and other specialists. This ensures only necessary and excellent treatment is performed on our patients. 

Chronic Oral Conditions

The ND:YAG laser may also be utilized for biostimulation/low level laser therapy of chronic pain and paresthesias in the oral environment. It is also extremely effective for the treatment of herpes and canker sores, which are very different lesions, but can be treated similarly with the laser in about 5 minutes.

As periodontists, we can only offer this therapy orally, but the technology and laser are used for back pain, neck pain and inflammation virtually anywhere in the body.

Low level laser therapy works by using the laser in a mode that feels like a warm light in the area. This 1064nm wavelength acts to decrease your body’s production of inflammatory mediators an harness your inherent potential to heal. It also promotes the neoneurogenesis, in which the laser stimulates new nerve formation and healing.

This therapy is also used to treat BRONJ, or bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws. While there is a reduced amount of vital cell structure present in these cases, the laser may help to stimulate healing and reduce the pain in the area.

This is a burgeoning field and technology that has promise to revolutionize chronic oral pain and inflammatory conditions with fewer expensive medications or surgical treatment.

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