Awareness of Periodontal Disease

Every day we see new patients for consultations regarding their periodontal disease. Increasingly, many come from the internet, and some from the traditional referral networks. Many of these are second opinions.
It is frightening(in dental terms) how many patients have been seen for years in their dentists’ offices with very little care given to the health of their periodontium.
At regular cleaning and checkup appointments, in addition to listening to your concerns and checking for cavities, your dentist should be probing your gums and checking for oral cancer as part of the exam.
Recent evidence shows that over half the US population has some form of periodontal disease, which ideally should be treated.
The American Academy of Periodontology is currently engaging in a public awareness campaign called “Love the Gums You’re With.” This is aimed at letting patients and potential patients to understand that their mouths are the gateways to their bodies and that there are many warning signs of periodontal disease that may be ignored, and recognition of these warning signs may ideally help people to get their conditions evaluated and treated if necessary.

Love your Gums

If you have any chronically bleeding areas of your mouth, loose or loosening teeth, chronically bad breath, or are a smoker or diabetic, it is more likely than not you would benefit from a trip to the periodontist- In the age of LANAP and minimal pain with no cutting or sewing for the treatment of disease, there has never been a better time to pursue periodontal health.

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